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Why choose a solar charge controller from SunWorks?

Whether you are considering solar panels for your motorhome or boat, or for an off-grid installation, SunWorks’ efficient charge controllers provide the perfect solution. Our range includes dual battery controllers that will look after your engine battery as well as your domestic batteries. Our unique PWM charging system will make sure that all your batteries are kept in peak condition.

SunWorks solar charge controllers are:

· Fully automatic

· High performance

· Easy to install

· Compact

· Good value

· Bright, informative LCD display

· Attractive (all unsightly wiring is hidden)

· Available in a choice of colours

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At SunWorks we manufacture high quality charge controllers that promote the long life of your batteries and help manage your solar panel installation. We use the most reliable technology available and do not compromise on material or manufacturing quality.

 Why do I need a charge controller?

The solar panel on your motorhome or boat must have a charge controller to prevent overcharging, so prolonging battery life.  

A SunWorks charge controller also keeps you informed about the performance of your solar panel and the charge in your batteries.

With over 30 years of experience, our continued development programs ensure that your controller will give reliable service for years to come.

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What applications use SunWorks solar charge controllers?

SunWorks solar charge controllers are used on:

· Sailing Yachts & Narrowboats

· Motorhomes & Caravans

· Domestic solar panel installations, linked to battery cells

· All stand-alone, off-grid installations

They are also used for industrial applications including:

· Telecommunications

· Pumping stations

· Agricultural applications

For industrial application the charge controllers come with RS232 data outputs and load disconnect facility in the positive or negative line with the possibility to add on remote LCD displays. We use the latest technology to ensure efficient operation in tough conditions, minimising heat loss and energy waste.

How do SunWorks solar charge controllers work?

For a single or dual battery system, the controller will decide when a battery needs charging, allowing the current to pass as necessary and then disconnecting once it is fully charged. The charge controller will always put the maximum charge possible into your batteries.

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